I'm Diana Darr, a self-made entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in supporting the growth of independent musicians and small business owners through a combination of earned media and beautiful design. I founded Diana Darr Media, a boutique PR & Design agency, at the beginning of 2016. In that time, I have had the pleasure of designing for and directing many projects and events; including, an annual music festival, a children's non-profit, and the careers of several rising musicians.

The humble beginnings of Diana Darr Media began in 2007 after I answered an ad for PR interns for the Lauren Conrad Fashion Show tour. Most of the beginning of my career was acquiring knowledge through a ton of trial and error. As I began to find my footing, I started to make myself more visible within the local entertainment scene.


Within a few years, I was knee-deep in creating and executing promotional campaigns and securing publicity for a band who, along with their management team, took me under their wings, while I was simultaneously attending college full-time. These efforts assisted in an increase in attendance at live performances as well as merch sales. I then became the youngest member of a team at a high-fashion publication and quickly moved into the role of its publicist. In my time there, I also authored articles for publication and assisted with the design and implementation of release parties for upcoming issues. 

Since the official launch of Diana Darr Media, I have again been the youngest professional in the room on many occasions. Most recently, as the acting Media Director for a non-profit organization that relies heavily on donor contributions to stay afloat. I also serve as an integral part of a few entertainment management firms that depend on my knowledge and expertise to raise awareness and secure publicity for our joint clients. Though it might not seem like it, design plays a big part in the initial outreach and securing of earned media behind the scenes. 


As a young, shy girl growing up in my small hometown of Schertz, TX, I never imagined I would have a career in an industry that relies heavily on public interaction and utilization of the design skills I had enjoyed since elementary school. One of my goals moving forward is to collaborate with organizations that provide outreach opportunities to youth in small towns and underserved communities to help guide their futures in the creative arts. 


For more information about the types of clients I serve and samples of my work, please visit the clients tab on my website. If you would like me to speak at your next event or serve on a panel, please use the button at the top of this page.