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5 Things To Do To Promote Your Event On Facebook

After working with musicians for the past 10+ years, one of the biggest mistakes I see artists (and venues) making is waiting until the last minute to promote their event.

Part 1-

Here are five tips for promoting your upcoming event using Facebook:

1) Start talking about your event on social media BEFORE you have a set date/lineup. Even if you are still in the planning phase, start building anticipation for the reveal. (This is especially true when announcing a tour)

Pro Tip: Have a website? (If you don't, you should!)

Create an email opt-in on your site for your fans to be the first to know when you make your announcement.

2) Create a Facebook event page for your event, even if you are still working on the details. Doing so lets your followers know something big is coming up and to keep an eye out for new info.

3) Announce a reveal date. Keep the anticipation (and social shares) building while getting more eyes on your social media pages. Give your followers a set date/time to come back to your page to check out all the details.

Pro Tip: offer an incentive for them to share your event (discount code, swag, etc.)

4) Send out a press release right before the reveal. But Diana, "press releases are dead!" No, they're not. In fact, sending them to the RIGHT people can help you reach a bigger audience (and potential sponsors).

Pro Tip: Share any press/mentions that come from your release on both your business and event pages.

5) Reveal Day! Once it's time to let your followers know all of your event details, make sure to invite the other bands/speakers/etc AND the venue as co-hosts to your Facebook event! The more eyes you can get on your event page, the better. Make sure to include links for your website and tickets, especially if you're not selling directly from your site.

Pro Tip: If your followers have to click more than twice on your website to find where to purchase their tickets, you've likely lost a sale.

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